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Music Schools, Academic Programs
  1. 台北市立師範學院音樂教育學系
  2. 中 文 大 學 聯 合 音 樂 學 會
  3. 中 文 大 學 崇 基 民 歌 會
  4. A&E Classroom(TM)
  5. American Orff-Schulwerk Association
  6. American Pianists Association
  7. ARTSEDGE: The National Arts and Education Information Network
  8. Aesthetic Artist - free music theory, music instruction, music composition...
  9. Baroque Perfomance Institute
  10. BassWork
  11. Bass Lessons on the Net
  12. The Bass Tab Archive
  13. Berklee College of Music Home Page
  14. Billy Bear's Animated Storybooks
  15. Big Ears
  16. The Canadian Arts, Culture and Heritage Network
  17. Conservatory of Music
  18. Welcome to Crossroads Guitar - Brought to you by Virtual Space Ltd
  20. Drum Bum: drum lessons,drumming,percussion
  21. Elementary General Music Teaching & Learning Center
  22. Indiana University School of Music Home Page
  23. Jazclass - CONTENTS PAGE
  24. JAZCLASS : Jazz Lessons, Blues Lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Music Lessons by Michael Furstner
  25. Javascript Music Quiz
  26. Jazz Lessons, Blues Lessons , Saxophone Lessons, Music Lessons by Michael Furstner
  27. Kids Crafts Bulletin Board
  28. The Lake Placid Institute for the Arts & Humanities
  29. Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters / Open Mic Guide, Clubs, Coffee Houses, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, songwriting resources, acoustic music, live concerts, advice and tips in publishing, law and entertainment.
  30. Listening Resource
  31. MusicLink: The George F. DeVine Music Library
  32. MENC: The National Association for Music Education
    The Music Educator's National Conference site offers some stories such as: "Musical Miss America Born to Teach", "1997 World's Largest Concert Set", "Letter from President Clinton" Plus many teacher resources.
  33. Middle of Nowhere
    As we approach the 21st century, it's sites like Suite 101 and this one that will be most helpful in linking the classroom with the internet.
  34. Music education resource guide
  35. Musicians and Injuries
  36. Music Education Online
    Lots of links from schools on the internet across the globe. Inspirational, to say the least.
  37. The Music Educator's Home Page
  38. MusicNet: The Online Guide to Music Education
  40. MUSOTLE Music Technology Reference Pages: reference material, the ever growing glossary, hints and tips - music, music technology, IT, audio, MUSOTLE - Music Sound Technology Learning: reference material, the ever growing glossary, hints and tips - music, music technology, IT, audio, acoustics, MIDI, synthesis and much more.acoustics, MIDI, synthesis and much more.
  41. Musicians Institute
    This is a most encouraging site about the power and benefits of music education.
  42. Musical Instrument Makers Forum
  43. Music Resources
    Assorted music links plus a search engine.
  44. New Music Welcome
  45. New Musical Notation: Contents
  46. Orff-Schulwerk Organization
    This site has in-depth resource links including, lesson plans, music convention and workshop information, history of Carl Orff, art/music links, dance/music links, and more. This is a great first stop for any music educator.
  47. Online Conservatory Take live interactive music lessons over the Internet at the Online Conservatory.
  48. Original Music Dream Assocaition 原 創 音 樂 夢 協 會
  49. The Piano Education Page
  50. The Piano Education Page - Just for Kids
  51. The Piano Education Page - Piano and Music Software Reviews
  52. The Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University
  53. RavioliMan's House of Drums Featuring: drums, drum lessons,drum tabs, tabs, lessons, drumchat, chat, drum messageboard, message board, bios,drummer, zildjian, dw, bozzio,paiste, free, drumming, drums,drumsets, lombardi, good,music, instruments,international, pedals, bongos,tabla, djembe
  54. Royal Conservatory of Music
  55. SJF Music and Spanish Main Page
  56. Sharon, Lois & Bram Club-E
  57. The Six String Source
  58. Tom Chapin Fan Info
  59. Todd's Bass Lessons Page
  60. University of Indiana School of Music
    An excellent site. My favorite section is the resource page. It's well worth a visit.
  61. UO School of Music Main Page

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